Bright Start: a blend of live teaching and applied learning 

The innovative course structure was piloted with a cohort in the USA in 2021 and developed further with different international delegates.  The course time frame is designed to give you the opportunity to learn and apply Bright Start teaching approaches in your own setting.  The course features  live, in-person sessions combined with structured work and peer support.  Course work is managed via the Bright Start Training Campus online platform.  Course participants also have the option of additional school and individual case consultations to reinforce their learning.

Each ten-week term is based on the same structure.  Five weeks of teaching focused on theory are followed by the opportunity to practice in preschool, school, clinical, small group or 1:1 application. 

Live session I: module overview

Week 1

Bright Start Online Campus learning

Week 2

Theory, Concept and Materials:

Live session II

Week 3

5 weeks

Bright Start Online Campus learning

Week 4

Live session III

Week 5

Lesson planning

Week 6

Application and Teaching

Delivery of lesson plans

Week 7

Practice: 5 weeks 

Participant-tutor individual support sessions

Weeks 6 – 8

Further application and optional video analysis

Weeks 9 – 10

  • Rationale, goals and concepts of Bright Start
  • Introduction to emerging cognitive functions in the preschool year
  • Self-regulation and Comparison
  • The centrality of a Mediational Teaching style
  • The structure and components of a Bright Start activity



  • Metacognition: the heart of mediated learning
  • Developing intrinsic motivation in children
  • Bridging and transfer across contexts in and out of school
  • Number Concepts; Role-taking; Classification, Sequence and Pattern
  • Transfer of Small Group learning into Large Groups
  • Using the Record Keeping Booklet
  • How to conduct a Baseline Assessment for Bright Start
  • Cognitive Behaviour Management
  • Letter shape Concepts and Transformation
  • Adapting lessons and activities for special needs
  • Using the Family Handbook
  • Communicating with others about Bright Start