Is there more than one way of doing Instrumental Enrichment training?

The course offers you a choice of online sessions over condensed or longer timeframes, but the content is the same and complies with  the standards of the Feuerstein Institute. IE Modular Training is designed to give you the opportunity to apply IE teaching approaches within your own specific framework, with individualised course work and case consultations throughout training.

Can I sign up for single training modules?

The modular training course is designed as a full programme with each module building on the previous one. Participants are encouraged to follow the training sequentially, but can sign up for single training modules. Other needs can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

What if I miss a live online session?

All live online sessions are recorded and placed in the IE course library for you to revisit. If you are unable to attend a live online session you can access it on the IE Campus. 

I work with adults over school or college age. Is IE training useful?

IE Standard is typically applied from the age of ten and up. Adolescents and adults have benefited greatly from the application of the programme.  Learning to deliver IE will enable you enhance development at all ages and stages.

I have a consultative rather than a hands-on role with children.  Is this course relevant?

If your role is mainly to assess and consult, your knowledge of IE and cognitive development, can be an effective source of recommendations and techniques and can be successfully incorporated into your professional practice.

I am not a professional but I am interested in IE methods. Can I take the training?

Many people take IE courses for themselves or other family members. The course is not limited to those working with IE professionally. 

What happens after I complete a training module?

After completion of training, whether your role is advisory or hands-on, you will be able to access ongoing mentoring and support.

Is the IE training programme accredited as Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

Yes. Each module carries certification of attendance and accreditation as an IE practitioner.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to get in touch.