Bright Start Modular Training: a blend of live online teaching and applied learning

The training course is delivered in three modules over the course of a year, combining theory with practice and covering the content and advanced skills that will allow you to apply Bright Start confidently in different settings.

Module 1: Introductory

  • Rationale, goals and concepts of Bright Start
  • Introduction to emerging cognitive functions in the preschool years
  • Self-regulation and Comparison
  • The centrality of a Mediational Teaching style
  • Bright Start activity structure and components

Module II: Intermediate

  • Metacognition: the heart of mediated learning
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Bridging and transfer across contexts
  • Number Concepts; Role-taking; Classification; Sequence and Pattern
  • From Small to Large Group learning
  • Record Keeping Booklet
  • Conducting a Bright Start Baseline Assessment

Module III: Advanced

  • Cognitive Behaviour Management
  • Letter-shape Concepts and Transformation
  • Adapting lessons and activities for special needs
  • Using the Family Handbook
  • Communicating with others about Bright Start

Each ten-week term is based on the same structure.  Five weeks of theory and concept teaching are followed by the opportunity to practice in preschool, school, clinical, small group or 1:1 application.

Theory, Concept and Materials: 5 weeks

Live online session I: module overview

Week 1

Bright Start Online Campus learning

Week 2

Theory, Concept and Materials:

Live online session II

Week 3

5 weeks

Bright Start Online Campus learning

Week 4

Live online session III

Week 5

Application and Practice:     5 weeks

Lesson planning

Week 6

Application and Teaching

Delivery of lesson plans

Week 7

Practice: 5 weeks 

Participant-tutor individual support sessions

Weeks 6 – 8

Further application and optional video analysis

Weeks 9 – 10